Son Huffmon & The Western Effects
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Son Huffmon and The Western Effects have been around for some time.  The concept, attitude, the vision
was born in Alamogordo around the 1980’s and has been spread through the mid-west and all points
between.  This constant vision and attitude comes from the heart and soul of Mr. Son Huffmon, who loves
his music, family and friends, but will not put up with any crap that stands in his way of making music,
upholding the tradition of good ol’ kick ass music, ranging from the timeless classics to some soon to be
classics.  Sitting back in his chair, enjoying a cold one, listening to the band’s latest performance, “You
know, it’s a beautiful thing.  As soon as you walk into a bar, the energy you receive from the place,
watching everybody watching you, just carrying in your guitar case…people just can’t help themselves
and rush to meet and talk with you and want to be part of the gig.” And we love them for it.
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(575)437-3741 or e-mail: