Robert J. Chanez
Smootchie (Rob) came out swinging on a stormy afternoon on July 7, 1962 in  Ruidoso, NM. At a very early age
Smootchie has been into music of all kinds, listening to his parent's record collection, which included everything
from every genre.  From the age of 4 or 5, music has always been a living and driving force within Smootchie's life.
His first attempts at drumming were months of pounding on pillows, pots and pans, the back of car seats, dash
boards, anything you can think of, to tunes from a variety of television shows and the music that the family would
listen to at home and on trips.

In 1975, the world of drumming came to reality and the lessons continue to this day. "While in seventh grade I
wanted to quit so bad due to the hectic practice that was required”,  but like what every teenager goes through,
the "talking to" by the parents, the drumming continued."  “Then they couldn’t get me to stop.  I spent every
waking moment behind my drums and was pretty lucky I had very understanding parents and neighbors.”

To Smootchie's delight on his fifteenth birthday, his very own drum set was purchased by his parents. A set of
Ludwig Vistalite "Tequilla Sunrise".  This set was used in various projects as a teen through high school.
Smootchie's first taste of the limelight was with the local country band, The White Mountain Band. After a year or
so with them, decided to pursue other interests.  After a stint in the Navy, Smootchie returned to Alamogordo to
settle down and raise his kids, playing locally within the local churches and the Alamogordo Music Theater.  
Through this vein of performing, a chance meeting at a rehearsal with the band Y2K, Justin Burks of County Line
offered Smootchie a permanent spot with County Line.

After endless weekend gigs that lasted a good 4 years solid, County Line went on hiatis and Smootchie continued
with studio work and side projects with Doug Gibson, owner of Roundsound Records.  "The travels, lessons, fun
and frustration and most of all, just wanting to play will and always continue to be a huge part of everyday life for
me, why not hop on aboard and come along."

Smootchie's Favorites:

Favorite Color:  Aqua Blue, Teal, or Blue

Influences: Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Carter Beaufort, Steve Smith, Tony Morales, Phil Ehart, and Stewert

Favorite Place: On stage behind the drum set

Favorite Quote: "Living in the limelight, the universal dream, for those who wish to seem. Those who wish to be,
must put aside the alienation, get on with the fascination, the real relation, the underlying theme"  Neil Peart