Son Huffmon
April 23rd 1974, thats the day it all happened. The best day of some peoples
lives, (and the worst for lots of others), but on to the point. Thats the day
Son Huffmon tore into this world kicking and screaming. Born and pretty
much raised in Alamogordo, Son had a love for music from the start. He used
to listen to pretty much anything, (to the dismay of his dad who says
"there's two kinds of music 1:Country 2: Western") but anyway. Music is a
living being, constantly changing, so when Son decided he didn't like the way
music was changing he decided to do what any beer drinkin hell raisin
twenty year old would do.....he bought a guitar. While still listening to
anything from Merle Haggard (who is the king) to A/C D/C, Son put
together a band and started pushing the standards. Of course he's heard it
all, "nobody wants to hear that old stuff" "you're too young to appreciate
the old stuff"and his personal favorite "nobody in Nashville is ever going to
notice you playing that crappy old music" yes there is more but you get the
point. And if you don't, the point is, Son plays music for the love and passion
of music....(good music, something you can dance to) What else is there.
Anyway, Son took a trip through Nashville and around and decided to try his
luck in Branson where he stayed for almost two years playing in Missouri,
Oklahoma, and Arkansas before returning to Alamogordo, throwing the
band back together and giving it hell in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas
(they're thinking of adding a fourth state just to be rebels). So with that in
mind and trying not to bore the hell out of ya with unwanted details here's
the catalog version and be sure and give Son a Hi on the road.

Favorite Quote: "The only thing that comes to those who wait, is the stuff
no one else wanted".
Favorite Food:   Any mexican
Favorite Color:  Purple
Favorite Beer: Coors Original (just in case your buying)
Influences :       Merle Haggard, Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, Of Course
George and Alan, Have we mentioned Merle Haggard. And these two.......